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In 2020, I worked as a graphic designer for NASA.

During the pandemic, I was hired as a remote web design intern to fully redesign the NASA Technology Transfer Portal website.


Shown above are versions of the updated badges for the Software Catalog and Patent Portfolio. Below is a grid of over two dozen unique icons that I manually designed for button tabs across multiple pages on the website. 

The full newly-published website can be viewed at


Credit is owed foremost to VCU Professor Sterling Hundley for his help landing this project for me among other students. Special thanks also to my partners Matai Parr and Ricardo Rodriguez for their aid during our internship.


NASA Screen 1.png


NASA Screen 2.png

Back in 2021, I redesigned the logo for TaxServ, LLC. It is a municipal revenue services firm, headquartered in VA.

The project was my first logo commission after graduating university. The reveal animation above I made in Premiere for my portfolio. Below is a comparison of the original logo to the new. 

image (2).png
Final_Revision_1 (1).jpg

In 2019, I had the chance to redesign the logo for Pwatem, the journal of undergraduate student literature and art at Virginia Commonwealth University.

As a former creative director for the journal, I understood the org's brand identity well to evolve it in a more modern direction. The logo has since found use on web, social media and print applications. It is still being used today.

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